Amazon Connect Digital Transformation CASE STUDY

Here is a great Amazon Connect Digital Transformation Case Study to show why Amazon Connect is insanely good

So at Route one connect we make no secret of the fact that we think Amazon connect is truly an AWSome product and this rhetoric is going to be shouted from the rooftops of the ROC development house. So we thought we would describe the compelling digital transformation case study we experience first hand.
The Doctors surgery – I cant believe this happens in today’s world!!!!!!
Amazon Connect Digital Transformation Case Study Stress
A week ago my daughter was poorly and she had been up most of the night with sickness. I needed to speak to a doctor as i wasn’t sure if the sickness was severe. It was Monday morning and the surgery opened at 8 am. Being eager i phoned a few minutes early and was presented with the out of hours message. I kept trying some more. My expectations weren’t high, they are an underfunded and over subscribed but i genuinely wasn’t expecting the things that were about to happen 

Engaged Tone on a main Number???? Surely not.

So after several attempts the OOH message was lifted…..BUT I GOT AN ENGAGED TONE!  And it wasn’t just for a few minutes this lasted for 10-15 minutes. Lets not forget the importance of this service at this point … (is this where the saying people heath is on the line.)
NHS this simply does not need to happen!

Basic call Routing

This is a local surgery. The solution implemented here meant that the menu options were fairly basic. I was encouraged that they attempted to deflect my call by sending me to the website. It was good but i once tried this before and i didn’t have a login and to get a login required me to sign a declaration form and take it into the office. I persisted with the call and selected the option to speak to a member of staff.

Waiting in Queue

OK, this is not such a headline and is common place where call volumes have peaks and troughs. From am employers perspective, Its very difficult for any company to optimize a workforce when the spikes last for short periods of time and there is an element of unpredictability. And lets face it, if you were the employee, who would wants to come into work for an hour and then go home because you are not required anymore; that’s not sustainable for anyone especially trained staff.

Thank goodness… I got through to a member of staff

21 minutes later! OK OK…not the end of the world but lets remember the engaged tone that i had to fight through to get to this point.  i’m concerned for my daughter and i just want to speak to someone.
But the story doesn’t end there. The gentleman had to go through lots of questions to identify me. Having to ask the same questions over and over for every single patent phoning in… that has to be pretty demoralizing doesn’t it?

So how can Amazon Connect help with this digital transformation case study?

Amazon Connect scales up and automatically. So even if this doctors surgery only encountered a peak on a Monday morning well amazon would scale up without human intervention. Typically, businesses used to have to buy an amount of lines into the business whether they use them or not. 
The ability to adapt quickly and dynamically. In the health industry you have to prepare for the unexpected. A system where you have bring the system down to patch or update deflection messages or call flow is simply not cut out for this industry (actually is this acceptable at all in any industry anymore)
Amazon Connect provides an incredible straight forward interface where you can make changes easy, quickly and without downtime! This is incredible value when the landscape can change rapidly like it can do if there was another coronavirus.
Amazon Connect has an Eco system of products and services that are relevant for this digital transformation case study. So offering call back when an available agent is available will remove non urgent traffic and therefore the queue wait time and queue length will be significantly reduced.

And ROC? What do they bring to the table with this digital transformation case study?

Well here’s the thing, whist amazon connect is epic…it is not the answer to all pain points. An innovative, forward thinking solutions provider needs to step up and review the customer experience closely and identify pain points….so imagine this…

Intelligent call routing (ICR)

A customer contacts the surgery and because the Mobile number is available we profile the caller. We can prioritize patents that have critical conditions over others. At the same time we would identify the caller which could screen pop to the receptionist to save her going over the same questions. This will increase the reception moral.
Enhance the voice user interface by asking the customer is the call an emergency, if so call the emergency service or we could route the caller to the receptionist on a higher skill jumping the call queue.

Booking system

In most cases, patents are calling up to book an appointment. Why not automate this process. We can ID&V (identify by phone number or names and address and verify by Date of birth), the caller could then say “id like to book an appoint” in our conversational AI interface, and then the caller could simply go through a booking system that offers available dates and times. Who needs the receptionist??

Personalisation and conversational AI

conversational interfaces are going to fundamentally change the landscape of IVR but more so in Amazon Connect because of the commercial model and in simplistic terms the easy in which you can train the recogniser. Using conversation AI we can find out why the detail of why the customer is calling and again use that to priorities the call. For example, “i think i have symptoms of the coronavirus and I’m concerned”. Not only that but we can we can apply the intelligent call routing. So now we can take the data captured from the free speech interface and add logic to the routing that directs the caller to the right team but again prioritise them over other callers.
In the spirit of personalisation we can also use the calling number to capture the callers name and greet them appropriately…

“Welcome James to Route One Surgery, how can I help you today?


 Welcome James to route one surgery, we recently wrote to you regarding the results of your blood test, is this the reason for your call?

This dramatically changes the caller experience.

Call back

So far we have demonstrated ways in which we can help callers with in an emergency, but what about those low priority callers? 
Well we have thought about that too. Why not understand the urgency of the caller using the conversational AI interface and then offer a call back when the surgery is not busy…
Amazon Connect: “Hi James, welcome to the Route One Surgery how can I help?”
Patent: “Yeah hi, I haven’t been to the doctors in quite a few years and I thought I should have a check up”
Amazon Connect: “Sure no problem, the team are really busy though at the moment, would you mind if we call you back a bit later.
Patent: “That’s fine”
Taking this caller out of the queue means that the other urgent callers will again reach the receptionist quicker and the caller is not sat on the phone for long periods of time… this is an unnecessary stress. 
Here’s another thought, if you have a bad experience with a system, do you ever take your frustration our on the person you end up speaking to? That cant be very nice for the receptionist is she is fielding complaints as well! So the moral of staff is lifted.

Click to dial

If a customer is on the surgeries website looking for a telephone number, why not make available a click to dial function that allows the patent to enter details in a form requesting a call. This too saves the patient from waiting in queue which intern provides a much better experience.


Amazon Connect Survey for digital transformation case study

At Route One Connect customer service comes first so how do you know if you are doing it right? We have lots of experience that means we get close to fully understanding our client and customers expectation but we can never be 100%… No one can guarantee you have nailed it because we all think differently, we have different experiences and what works for one may not work for another… so how do you get the insights into the customer journey? This is such important information.

 Voice Campaigns

You guessed it, Amazon has your back here too…. in 2 ways as well!
Voice Survey, at a suitable time you could call the customer and ask them a series of questions to see how the experience was? Actually we can tailor different questions for different types of callers. This information gathered could be critical in identifying areas to improve!

 SMS Campaigns

The second method surgery could adopt is an SMS campaign. We find asking a series of questions where the answers received are a mark from 1 to 10 is a great way to capture valued data.
When carrying out either the voice or SMS campaign its worth noting the importance of profiling the audience and making sure the audience is suitable for the questioning… with amazon and ROC we can do just that – profile and design the perfect campaign to the correct audience to get the best insight into their business!

CRM Integration

One thing we do know is that when a patient calls in the receptionist has to update there system with the details of what has happened and the reason for call. Doing this will take a while and be quite monotonous for the receptionist… YEP WE CAN HELP HERE TOO. With the conversational AI interface we know why the caller is phoning, from the phone number they called from we know who the caller is, so let ROC integrate into the back end system and put the data into the system automatically saving the receptionist more time.

In Summery

This partnership between ROC and cutting edge cloud technology simply makes for winning combination and we at Route One Connect can make this digital transformation case study a reality.  If any of these challenges are familiar then please get in touch. We can help you deliver exceptional CX using the Amazon pay as you go usage model!
We have developed a Doctors surgery voice application to demonstrate the solutions above. Please fill in the form below and our demo will call you showing you the art of the possible. 
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