Amazon Connect Disaster Recovery

Lets take look at Amazon Connect Disaster Recovery and how can we take advantage of it?

AWS and Amazon Connect is truly epic on so many levels, we know that but we want to bring to your attention just one reason why you must sit up and listen.

Big business stands to lose to much should they lose their telephony platform. Imaging a trading company not able to make or take calls… they stand to lose millions. But investing in a Disaster Recovery platform is so costly.

Lets take a look at what the costs might look like with these legacy platforms..


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The Disaster Recovery premises.

The individuals at ROC have operated at the highest level in the telecommunications industry so Disaster Recovery has always been an important part of a solution to maintain up time. But for correctly DR environments you must have a premises to hold the DR infrastructure – if you don’t do this then your DR environment could be affected by the same thing that took out your primary infrastructure. So depending on your business you may want to rent a comms room in a data centre or maybe (worse case scenario) you may need to have a whole building that has the capacity and space for staff to move in. This in itself is a huge cost.


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Once you have the premises to host the DR infrastructure you would then need to purchase the PBX equipment itself and have the incumbent install and configure it. The costs of the hardware will mirror that of the primary site, the incumbent costs will also be the same for standing up the primary site and that leaves the licensing costs – these license costs maybe be discounted for DR but the overall cost will be high!


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Amazon Connect Disaster Recovery Telephony Lines

These normally come in the form of PSTN, VOIP or Sip Trunks. Even though these will remain dormant whist the company is running off the primary infrastructure the business must have enough capacity to deal with the load expected should they need to fail over.

Upgrade costs

The upgrade costs! Anyone who has had an Avaya or Cisco platform will know all about these costs. Over recent years many customers have felt this is just an excuse to force them as the customer to spend more money and quite frankly these 6 monthly upgrades has got ridiculous. In the eventuality that the platform encounters a real issue how many times have you heard the vendor say “before we look at this bug or trouble ticket you have to upgrade your system”. The upgrades can cost 10s or 100s of thousands of pounds.




Compatibility Matrix

If you are a systems administrator for one of these legacy platforms you will know all about the compatibility matrix. This too is another way legacy platforms force your hand to upgrade your system and to incur those upgrade cost.

But for those that don’t know about a compatibility matrix it is a document that details what versions of software are compatible with other versions of software… for example, if you have nuance 9 Speech server then the IVR platform you use must be compatible. If you wanted to upgrade to Nuance 10 then you may be forced to upgrade the IVR, if you upgrade the IVR then you have to upgrade the Session Boarder controller, if you upgrade the session boarder controller you have to upgrade the other parts of the telephony platform and then the vendor voice firewall… you simply cant make this up!




Amazon Connect Disaster Recovery – Support Contract and Maintenance

So once you have the premises, the PBX, the addition telephony lines then you need an incumbent to support and maintain it.

So what about AWS and AWS connect. Put simply…
– Its held in the cloud so no premises is required
– AWS have already built the PBX so there is no hardware on site
– AWS manage the PBX for everyone… so no upgrade costs (or outages)
– No compatibility matrix
– Being a cloud platform the users can connect remotely.
– No additional DR lines as AWS Connect scales up and down

But our favourite part about Amazon Connect is the pay as you go model. This is a disaster recovery platform that will hopefully never be used. So whilst it remains dormant… YOU GUESSES IT – the Amazon connect charges are going to almost not existent .

If your business has no DR environment then you must get in touch today. You simply do not need to risk your business when we can stand up a DR environment so easily.


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