Amazon Connect FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here is our Amazon Connect FAQ.

What Is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is an omnichannel cloud contact centre that helps companies provide superior customer service across voice and chat at a lower cost than traditional contact centre systems.

what is Amazon Connect?

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Why Is Amazon Connect Different?


Amazon Connect is a true cloud contact centre platform that is entirely self-sufficient. Most (if not all) other vendors are dependent on each other to complete the contact centre solution. As an Example, if you were a Cisco customer then you might need Google or Nuance to carry out your speech recognition or synthetic voice requirements. A further Example would be you have a platform but you need BT or Gamma to provide the telephony, Amazon Connect has the telephone lines already enabled.


Amazon Connect is priced based on what you use. When you think about this, this is fantastic for those that need a Disaster Recovery platform. The days of needing hundreds of thousands of pounds to stand up a contact centre are gone!

Contracts and Commitment

When you use Amazon Connect there are no 2 or 3 year contracts. If you needed a contact centre for a one-off event then you can simply spin up an Amazon Connect contact centre and decommission the following week – there are no penalties.


There are no licenses!

Sizing and scaling up and down your contact centre.

When you need more capacity, the contact centre simply grows with you with out needing to think about it. It automatically scales up and down.


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How Much Does Amazon Connect Cost?

We at Route One Connect have published a usage calculator so you can find out how much Amazon Connect would cost for your Contact Centre. The link to the calculator can be found here.


How much does Amazon Connect Cost


Do Route One Connect Use Amazon Connect Internally?

Yes of course. We needed something that would scale up automatically as we are a growing business. We didn’t want to have to keep buying additional licenses. Additionally, we also didn’t want to have third party providers for speech recognition or speech analytics. Finally, we also wanted flexibility and an easy to use interface for building exceptional customer experiences. But probably the biggest thing was we didn’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on a telephony asset that would depreciate and require in house maintenance and upgrades. Isn’t this what you as a customer want too?


How much does Amazon Connect Cost


What Is ID&V?

ID&V or Identification and Verification is the process of capturing a callers identification from an account number or policy number and then verifying them in the IVR. For Instance: by asking for date of birth, mothers maiden name etc. A modern approach to verification is to now use Voice Biometrics. Once the details have been collected, they are then presented to the advisor. Saving at least 40 seconds of agent time, increasing agent moral and reducing the cost per contact.


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Do You Have To Worry About Upgrades?

NEVER!! Unbelievable right? But it’s true. The nice guys at Amazon Connect add features, patch, and upgrade all behind the scenes. We have subscribed to the “what’s new” page at Amazon and every time we see the notification we all get excited.


Amazon Connect upgrades


Can You Really Set A Contact Centre Up In 10 Minutes?

Yes, but let me put this into context. The Contact Centre will be very basic. However, the message of being able to set up a contact centre very quickly and quicker than any other platform is absolutely correct.


Amazon Connect in 10 minutes


Can I Implement A PCI Payment Solution Using Amazon Connect?

Yes, Amazon Connect is absolutely 100% PCI Compliant. However, it is the responsibility of the administrator to ensure the Amazon instance is configured in the right way.


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What Is AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is one of Route One Connect’s favourite concepts. We liken the marketplace to Apple’s istore as just like the istore it’s bursting with incredibly innovative and creative products. Some examples would be:

  • PCI Payment solutions
  • Voice Biometrics
  • Sentiment
  • Wallboards and dash boards
  • WFO
  • WFM
  • Dialler
  • Social
  • Enhanced Agent Desktop
  • Agent Score-carding
  • Voice of the customer (VOC) solutions


Amazon Market place


What’s The Biggest Mistake When Implementing An Amazon Connect Contact Centre?

If you are a business that takes customer experience seriously then you must engage with a business like Route One Connect who is focused on contact centre best practice. In addition to implementing best practice they will also implement the solution in the most cost effective way using the right services from Amazon.

Here is a blog on best practice that may prevent you making common mistakes – click here.


Amazon Market place


What Is Serverless Computing?

Also known as serverless architecture. A serverless architecture is a way to build and run applications and services without having to manage infrastructure. Your application still runs on servers, but all the server management is done by AWS. As a result, you no longer have to provision, scale, and maintain servers to run your applications, databases, and storage systems. Learn more about serverless computing here.


Amazon Market place


I Already Have An Avaya Platform Can I Use Amazon Connect?

Most of our customers already have an existing telephony platform that is maintained by a different incumbent. Typically, platforms like Avaya and Cisco have cost the customers hundreds if not millions of pounds over time so there is never an appetite to replace. Instead we see a hybrid model where the Avaya platform managed the day to day back-office telephony and then for the more advanced stuff Amazon Connect is deployed.
The way in which an Avaya or Cisco platform is built in modules. For Example: you might have a Session Boarder Controller (SBC), Session Manager and a Communications Manager. If you wanted a voice recognition routing platform you would first need to buy additional hardware for the IVR. Then you will need to buy licenses. Often the cost of the platform and licenses mean that Amazon Connect is financially the preferred option.


Amazon Market place


Does Amazon Connect Support Outbound?

Yes, and not just any outbound solution – an omni-channel power dialler. The outbound features are very powerful as you have the ability to doing blending. Blending is where the speed of the dialler is determined by the volume of inbound traffic into the contact centre.

Amazon Connect also support preview, progressive and predictive dialling.


Is Amazon Connect Free?


Is Amazon Connect Free?

There is a free tier when you first start using Amazon Connect and that lasts for 12 months. There are some limits you need to be aware of. Once exceeded you will then need to start paying for what you use. Remember you are not fixed into contracts so you can just close the account (and the contact centre) at any time.


Is Amazon Connect Free?


When Did Amazon Connect Launch?

In the UK, Amazon Connect launched in 2017.


Is Amazon Connect Free?


Can Amazon Connect Integrate With Salesforce?

The short answer is Yes. Salesforce and Amazon established a partnership recently. As a result,  Salesforce Service Cloud Voice was born.

Here is a short video demoing what the product looks like:


Is Amazon Connect Free?


How Do I Build An Answer Machine On Top Of Amazon Connect?

Click here to get the full instructions on how to configure this feature in Amazon alternatively give Route One Connect a shout and we can help.


Is Amazon Connect Free?


What Is CCP?

CCP stands for Connect Contact Control Panel. and this is essentially your softphone for Amazon Connect. this is what CCP looks like:

CCP version 2 taking a call from anonymous number

CCP is OK for basic telephony however if you use a smart desktop you can have rich features like IDV data presented, Sentiment analysis, Call History, Agent statistics.


Is Amazon Connect Free?


What Would Be A Great Use Case For Amazon Connect?

Some time ago Route One Connect wrote a blog of Digital Transformation using Amazon Connect. Take a look as this really highlights the benefits of Amazon Connect.

Click here to read more.


Is Amazon Connect Free?


How Do You Connect To Amazon Connect Softphone?

Amazon Connect’s softphone is also called CCP. Typically the way to connect to CCP or the Amazon Connect Softphone you would connect via the following URL:

For Instance:

Is Amazon Connect Free?


Is there a call back feature available with Amazon Connect?

Yes, if wait time is high, Route One Connect can offer a call back preventing the caller from having to wait for a free agent.


Is Amazon Connect Free?


What is Amazon Connect Voice ID?

Voice ID provides Voice Biometrics for Amazon Connect.


Is Amazon Connect Free?


What Is Amazon Connect Wisdom?

Amazon Connect Wisdom provides the agent with intelligence on customer queries.

Amazon Connect Wisdom


Is Amazon Connect Free?


What Is Amazon Connect Customer Profiles?

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles is an enhancement to CCP that provides the agent with rich screen pop data that relates to the customer that has phoned in.

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles

Is Amazon Connect Free?

What is boto3?

Boto3 is the name for the AWS python SDK. With Boto3 you can manipulate AWS resources programmatically. At Route One Connect, we use boto3 and is often at the heart of some of our innovation. If you would like to know more please get in touch.


Is Amazon Connect Free?

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