Amazon Connect Hybrid Is Best

Amazon Connect Hybrid Is Best

Route One Connect have been using Amazon Connect For Years. And during that time we have honed in on the types of customers that benefit most from using Amazon Connect. In this blog post we explore the type of customers that would benefit most from Amazon Connect.


Amazon Connect


Are You This Type Of Customer?

Opportunities to deploy contact centre technology can appear in several different ways. For Instance:

  1. A new business looking for a new telephony platform
  2. An established business whose telephony platform is becoming end of life
  3. Or a Business who have out grown the platform
  4. Finally, a business that requires new contact centre features like onmi-channel, speech analytics or voice\chat bots.

Amazon Connect

What Is The Optimum Amazon Connect setup – Amazon Connect Hybrid

So, where Amazon Connect is best deployed is where a business already has a telephony system in place. Amazon Connect is not so strong at managing back office telephony and that is because AWS is driving the Contact Centre aspect of the offering. As such, this is where AWS have focus all there efforts – to make Amazon Connect the most complete contact centre offering. Amazon Connect and the AWS ecosystem facilitates the following features:

  • Skills bases routing
  • Advances Screen pop
  • CRM integration to Salesforce and many others
  • Speech analytics (Contact lens)
  • Speech recognition (Amazon Lex)
  • Synthesised voice (Text to Speech, SSML – via Amazon Polly)
  • Conversational AI
  • Serverless Technology
  • Pay As You Go
  • Elastic scaling – no licenses. will scale up and down automatically.


In Conclusion, The Amazon Connect Hybrid model is perfect!

Where we see Amazon Connect providing most value is where a customer already has a back office telephony platform. And where they need a certain line of business that requires enhanced contact centre features. This is Route One Connect can stand up an Amazon Connect instance very quickly and get customer up and running extremely quickly.



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