Exciting New Amazon Connect Innovations

It’s re:Invent week and the Amazon Connect innovation on show is mind blowing. With over 147 major feature releases in 3 years Amazon Connect is proving to be the Contact Centre cloud offering of choice.hand pointing at the word Amazon connect innovation

So far, we have been introduced to the following new features:

  • Amazon Connect Customer Profiles
  • Real-time analytics using Contact Lens
  • Voice ID
  • Amazon Connect Wisdom
  • Amazon Connect with Apple Business Chat

To read more on these features please click the following link.

Amazon Connect Innovation – 147 updates

Since the launch in 2017, Amazon connect has released more than a 147 major feature launches. It is for this reason that has secured AWS as a “Visionary” on the Gartner magic quadrant for contact centre as a service.Gartner Magic Quadrant

Let look at the some of the Amazon Connect innovations that have been deployed during this time.

Natural text-to-speech voices

For 20 + years we have synthetic voices were clearly computer generated. As a result, UX designers have always been reluctant to use it. With the introduction of natural text-to-speech voices, we can now create dynamic experiences. This really enhances the customer journey.

Contact Lens

Contact Lens is a Machine Learning feature of Amazon Connect providing sentiment, speech analytics and call transcription.


Amazon Lex enables conversational interaction either by voice or text. Powered by machine learning technology (the same used for Alexa) Amazon Lex facilitates automation and increase self-service.

CRM CTI Adaptors

Amazon Connect has CTI Adaptor for the most popular CRM platforms. These are as follows:

  • Salesforce
  • Kustomer
  • Zendesk
  • Zoho

For those CRM platforms not listed AWS provide APIs.


Being PCI-DSS compliant has historically been challenging due to the on premise and regulation red tape. Businesses wanting to take payments have had to bring in expensive third-party platforms and manage the draw backs of doing so. Above all, with Amazon Connect you can be safe in the knowledge that your data is protected.

Call Back

When a customer phones a Contact Centre there is nothing worse than keeping that caller on the phone for long periods of time. A solution to this is to check the length of the queue and offer the caller a call back.

Lambda Integrations

Being able to use Lambda functions in Amazon Connect enables the telephony channel to integrate with back end systems. This facilitates innovative designs such as personalised experiences or automated self-service functionality.


In conclusion, AWS have been aggressive in their roadmap of new features and that has to be applauded. Historically, features like these have been extremely expensive and inaccessible to most. So, to see these featured offered out of the box is supports Garners findings that AWS is a visionary in the Contact Centre space.