Amazon Connect Is Expensive!

Amazon Connect Is Expensive – We hear this all the time, so lets explore if the AWS Contact Centre suite (Amazon Connect) really is expensive.

Pay As You Go

First of all, Amazon Connect is costed based on usage. It is a platform where you do no purchase licenses or a number of concurrent calls. Amazon Connect will scale up and down based on your usage. If tomorrow you need 300 concurrent calls because an event has happened that has driven customers to call in on mass – then it will just be available. If however, the next day you only need 10 ports then Amazon Connect has you covered too.


Amazon Connect


Amazon Connect Features.

Amazon Connect has many features available. For Instance:

  • Contact Lens – Speech Analytics
  • Speech Recognition
  • Service Cloud Voice (Sales Force Offering)
  • CTI
  • Screen pop
  • Amazon Connect Wisdom
  • Amazon Polly – Synthesised voice
  • Sentiment

… and many more.


Amazon Connect


What Are The Other Platforms Doing?

So is it normal to have the advance features listed above to be available by default? Well we don’t think so. If you want Speech Analytics then typically this achieved by integrating Verint or another platform and this comes at an additional cost. Additionally if you wanted speech recognition or voice biometrics you would typically use Nuance. The list goes on and on so if you are a business that needs these types of services then the shopping list is going to be very expensive.


Amazon Connect


Amazon Connect Consumption Calculator

Given that Amazon Connect is charged on a consumption model, we thought we would be transparent about the costs and put together a pricing calculator. To see how much it would cost to bring Amazon Connect into your business please click the following link.


Amazon Connect


In Conclusion – Is Amazon Connect Expensive?

Well, we don’t think so. You would need to put an extreme amount of calls through Amazon Connect for it to be expensive. We think the perfect size business that would benefit from Amazon Connect is a small to medium size that requires advanced contact centre features. Like for like, against Amazon Connect competing vendors we would expect to be the cheapest platform. Combined with best practice design and the implementation of high performing Contact Centre practices we believe Amazon Connect is cheap as chips!


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