Amazon Connect Logo

The Amazon Connect Logo was a new addition to the AWS ecosystem back in 2017.

What does the Amazon Connect logo look like?


Amazon Connect logo with the green background

Amazon Connect

At a glance, Amazon Connect is a Contact Centre platform that is designed to be very easy to set up. Additionally, suitable for large corporations to the smallest of businesses. Never have we seen a Contact Centre suite be so disruptive offering the following benefits:

  • Omni Channel Customer Service
  • Flexible and Agile
  • Elastic (Automatically scale up and down)
  • Consumption based pricing – no upfront costs


Secondly, the other AWS services that work hand in hand with Amazon Connect to make it the complete Contact Centre suite are as follows:

  • Lex
  • Lambda
  • S3
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Cloudwatch
  • Dynam0DB
  • Transcribe
  • Personalise
  • Forecast
  • Polly
  • Pinpoint
  • Alexa for Home and Business
  • Comprehend
  • Machine Learning
  • Translate


In conclusion, Amazon Connect and the AWS ecosystem is an extremely powerful set of services that raise the bar for Customer Experience and Performance in the Contact Centre industry.