Amazon Connect Outbound Calls – NOW ENABLED

On the 27th of September 2021,¬†AWS¬†released a new feature to Amazon Connect. The feature was “Preview, high-volume outbound communications for calls, texts, and emails”.

Summary Of New Feature – Amazon Connect Outbound Calls

At Route One Connect we often discuss how Amazon Connect is revolutionizing the Contact Centre technology. And we often lean on the fact that AWS is becoming a complete Contact Centre in its own right. For Instance: most other platforms rely on third parties like Nuance, Verint, Calabrio, Microsoft to complete the Contact Centre offering. Before today’s release, Amazon Connect was self-contained and didn’t need these third parties. Well, today’s announcement strengthens this argument further. If you were a contact Centre that needed outbound functionality then you would need a third party daily to fore fill that requirement, with Amazon Connect this is now native to the platform.


What Does This Mean?

Well, as you know. To spin up an Amazon Connect Contact Centre takes less than an hour and that’s because it is cloud-based technology. But now they have added this new feature it means you can now have access to an outbound dialler within hours too. That is pretty incredible!


What Do The Features Look Like?

  • Answer phone detection
  • Omnichannel – Voice, SMS and Email.
  • Machine Learning

How Could Amazon Connect Outbound Be Used?

Route One Connect has a rich history working with Outbound diallers. In that time we have configured various outbound diallers for the following reasons:

  • Debt Collection
  • Appointment reminders
  • Call back functionality
  • Marketing
  • Delivery Notifications
  • Promotions


Amazon Connect



Amazon Connect


Top Tips To Implement This Feature

  • Always start simple and build up complexity over time
  • Understand clearly what your outbound dialling objective is. For Instance: collect as much debt as possible or contact as many RPC (right party connect) to inform them of promotion.
  • Be clear on Ofcom regulation
  • Have a strategy on how you will manage data and the different types of outcomes like ‘number unobtainable’, busy tone or Answer phone.


Amazon Connect


This is great news that Amazon Connect has enabled Amazon Connect Outbound calls. To get the most out of this feature please check out the following blog:

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