Amazon Connect Outbound Dialler – Top Tips

Here is a quick ‘How To Guide’ on how to get the most out of your Amazon Connect Outbound Dialler.


starting off basic


Start Off Basic With Your First Amazon Connect Outbound Dialler Campaign.

If you have never used a dialler before – you must start off with a simple campaign.


Amazon Connect outbound dialler starting off basic


Research The Variables That Impact Performance

An outbound strategy is different for every business, further, its even different within different departments of the same business.  Many factors effect the performance. For instance:

  • Quality of data.
  • Volume of data.
  • How many live agent are available?
  • Date. For instance: is it holiday season?
  • Time of day
  • Are you running your dialler in preview, progressive or predictive?
  • Do you need to update the CRM?
  • Can you utilise omni channel capabilities? For instance: SMS?


Amazon Connect outbound dialler variables that affect performance


Ofcom Compliance

Ensure that you are fully up to speed with Ofcom compliance rules. Above all, be aware that they change regularly.


ofcom compliance regulations


Be Led By Your Dialler Objectives

The objective of an outbound dialling Champaign can dramatically dictate how the dialler is configured. For instance, the Amazon Connect outbound dialler maybe targeted on number of live callers it reaches. Another objective might be to collect as much debt as possible and therefore you may prioritise high debt customers and ignore customers with debt value of less than £10.


outbound dialler objective


Amazon Connect Outbound Dialler Topics

  • Ofcom Compliance
  • Not Ready states
  • ACW
  • Call Blast
  • Nailed up calls.
  • Completion codes
  • Outbound types. For Instance:
    • Preview
    • Progressive
    • Predictive
    • IVM
  • Reporting
  • Blending
  • Omni channel
  • Golden hour
  • Multiskilling agents. An agent can be part of the multiple campaigns.
  • Data. For Instance:
    • Quality
    • Quantity
    • Segmentation
  • AMD


Amazon Connect outbound dialler starting off basic


Be Careful of…

  • Contact list load time
  • At the beginning of every day – Run a health check on the dialler.
  • Nuisance calls
  • Running out of data
  • Answer phone detection accuracy
  • Agent burn out.
  • Dialling mode. Progressive and predictive modes dial very quickly so if you have limited amount of data then these options may not be the best choice.
  • Dialler performance. You must have a dialler manager analysing the performance of the dialler constantly. if the dialler is not performing then you will need to make various ‘tweaks’ during the day.



  • Error rate. Keep an eye on the completion codes when looking at performance. Additionally, be sensitive to an errors. For instance: errors regarding capacity or not outbound lines available.
  • Agent Performance. Performance from one agent to the next will differ dramatically. Some agents may make more calls, however, others may convert more calls with less dials.
  • When setting an agent up on multiple campaigns, be sure to not mix and match the dialling modes. For Instance, do not assign them to 1 campaign in preview mode and the other campaign in predictive mode.
  • Avoid changing dialling modes midway through a campaign.
  • Customer complaints. In other words, be sensitive to your dialling strategy and the impact to your customer. If they do not answer first time, leave a nice amount of time before calling them again and also avoid the same contact multiple times.
  • Keep the CLI open (not withheld), and ensure that if the customer calls back in on e the number that the correct agent is available.
  • Invalid number. Consider what you will do with numbers that are invalid.


In conclusion, if you would like to learn more about Amazon Connect Outbound capabilities please reach out to us here.


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