Amazon Connect Primer Course – SO MUCH INTEREST!

Congratulations on passing Amazon Connect Primer!

Firstly, congratulations to our Route One Connect team members Alex Baker and Anthony Bennett . They completed the ‘Amazon Connect Primer‘ Course.


Amazon Connect Primer course certificate


What does the Course Cover?

  • Amazon Connect Overview.
    • What is Amazon Connect?
    • Architectural overview.
  • Setting up your cloud-based contact centre. For instance:
    • Understand the business case for Amazon Connect.
    • Create an Amazon Connect instance.
  • Configuring your contact centre. For Instance:
    • Claim your phone number.
    • Set hours of operation.
    • Create queues, prompts, contact flows, routing profiles.
    • Configure users.
    • Quick connects.
  • Integrating Amazon Connect with other AWS Services. For instance:
    • Enhance the conversational interface.
    • Access data residing outside of Amazon Connect.
  • Applying Amazon Connect Metrics. For Instance:
    • Monitor performance with Dashboards.
    • View real-time metrics.
    • View historical metrics.
    • Locate other reports and data.
  • Amazon Connect Support.
    • Troubleshoot and engage support.
  • Knowledge Check.

Amazon Connect Primer Course


When our Contact Centre and Amazon Connect Experts completed the course, they published the certificate on LinkedIn. Consequently, something unexpected happened! In short, 10,000+ connections viewed their posts and our LinkedIn timeline shows many other professionals that have completed the course recently.

Primer Course knock on effects

What does this mean?

Route One Connect has worked with many of the major Contact Centre vendors like Avaya, Cisco and Genesys (to name a few). So, we believe that Amazon Connect is the future of Contact Centre. We think this recent flurry of interest is because many others want to see how Amazon Connect can revolutionise the industry.

Where can I do the Primer Course

Where can I do the course?

You can find the Amazon Connect Primer Course by clicking the following link here.

Primer Course Demo information

Want a Demo?

In conclusion, if you are an Avaya, Cisco or Genesys customer or are you just wondering what all this Amazon Connect noise is about? Then get in contact with Route One Connect and request a demo. Above all, we guarantee you will walk away visualising real innovation and will see the power of Amazon Connect.