Amazon Connect Training For Your Contact Centre

At Route One Connect we provide Amazon Connect Training.Man in blue shirt providing Amazon Connect training

What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is a Contact Centre cloud omnichannel solution. Very different from its competitors by its easy to configure and commercial pricing model. With Amazon Connect you get very rich Contact Centre features that are very easy to stand up.

What Are The Components Of An Amazon Connect Contact Centre?

In Order to set up and configure an Amazon Connect Contact Centre you need to learn the basics. They are:

  • Create a DDI
  • Create a Call Flow
  • Add Audio or configure Amazon Polly
  • Create an Agent,¬†Queue and¬†Routing Profile
  • log in to CCP
  • Configure Opening Hours and holiday table.

More advanced features are as follows:

  • Configure speech recognition using Lex
  • Build a conversational AI interface.
  • Integrate with a customer CRM platform using Lambda
  • Amazon Connect Contact Lens
  • Screen Pop (with CCP)


Before you do our training, AWS have released 6 New Amazon Connect Training Courses

In August 2020 AWS released 6 new Amazon Connect training courses. these covered the following topics:

  • Amazon Connect Best Practices
  • Building Better Bots using Amazon Connect
  • Emergency and Holiday Routing with Dynamic Messaging
  • Troubleshooting with CloudWatch
  • Build a Custom Call Control Panel
  • Deploying Amazon Connect Chat

Before starting these 6 courses we would recommend completing the Amazon Connect Primer as well. All these courses are free and available on line here.

Here is more information on the Amazon Connect Primer Course.


What Other Areas do Route One Connect Cover?

In Addition to the specifics of Amazon Connect, Route One Connect provides hands-on practical training. At the end of the course you will have set up your own contact centre with many advanced features such as Speech Recognition, Conversation AI, Chat and much more. Additionally, we will cover how to utilise these features to provide the optimum customer and employee experiences.


Course Pre-requisites

To Attend the course you will need the following:

  • An AWS account that is unrestricted (Full Administrative rights).
  • Laptop
  • Headset



To register your interest in this course please click the following link.