Amazon Connect Troubleshooting

This Amazon Connect Troubleshooting guide provides a quick reference point for basic troubleshooting guide.

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Amazon Connect Troubleshooting: Enable Logging in the contact flow

In a contact flow on Amazon Connect, there is a node you can drag onto the workspace. If you enable logging in this node and publish the change you will notice that in cloudwatch you will have very detailed logging. For Instance, how a caller has interacted with the Contact flow.

A couple of things to be aware of though:

  • The logging node is only applicable to that particular contact flow. You will need to drag this node on every contact flow you wish to troubleshoot.
  • PCI DSS data could be written out to cloudwatch.


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Amazon Connect Troubleshooting: Test Call Quality and Latency

To ensure that the agent desktop is properly configured, use the Amazon Connect Connectivity tool that can be found here


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Amazon Connect Troubleshooting: Cloudwatch

Cloudwatch is a service AWS offer. It is the area within the AWS eco system where you can view very detailed information on a service. Similarly, this is the same location that would provide detail on other AWS services. For Instance, AWS Lambda.


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AWS permissions are configured within AWS IAM. In addition, if you adhere to best practice the permission should be locked down very tightly. Occasionally permissions can stop one service talking to another – if this occurs review the cloudwatch logs which should detail more information.


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Network Bandwidth

Firstly, ensure all the CCP users of Amazon Connect have significant bandwidth. WebRTC is not resource hungry. But, if bandwidth is a problem then the customer experience will be impacted. Here are some common issues when bandwidth does not meet minimum requirements.

  • One way voice
  • Audio jitter
  • no audio




Memory Allocation

You should scope at least 2GB of memory for browser access to Amazon Connect.





Route One Connect recommends that call handlers use a USB headset. Route One Connect recommend using a Jabra headset for Amazon Connect.




In conclusion, we hope you found our Amazon Connect Troubleshooting guide useful. If you have any questions please reach out to us on our contact us page.


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