Amazon Connect Voice Of The Customer

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Amazon Connect Voice Of The Customer (often referred to as VOC), is a term used to describe a process of capturing customer experiences, expectations, preferences and dislikes. VOC should be a central component of a company’s overall strategy for improving Customer Experience.


What does voice of the customer mean?


How Do You Capture The ‘Voice Of The Customer’ With Amazon Connect?

There are various ways to capture the ‘Voice of the customer’. The top 3 are as follows:

  • Voice Survey
  • SMS\Email Survey
  • Interview.

Voice Survey

Voice Survey is a common method to capture the voice of the customer using Amazon Connect and has historically been a solution used by the many. Typically a customer will phone into the contact centre where an automated system will ask the customer if they want to opt into a post call survey. It can also be initiated by the agent at the end of the call. When the caller is passed to the voice survey, the caller is asked a series of questions and the responses are typically recorded. At some point later the recordings are either transcribed manually by a person listening and written down or more modern solutions like what Route One Connect offer, can automatically transcribe the utterances.

SMS \ Email Survey

SMS \ Email survey is also a very popular method to get customer insight. There is an ability to be more strategic around who to target which can lead to higher value responses. As an Example, you could target a certain region, age or line of business.

This is a preferred mechanism for many customers because the amount of time to respond to an SMS is significantly shorter than if the caller was to stay on the line engaging with a voice survey.


By far the most expensive method to capture the voice of the customer. However there is a much greater ability for the questions to be more dynamic and really get to the root of the CX issues.


How can Route One Connect help with voice of the customer?


Amazon Connect Voice Of The Customer – CSAT and NPS

If like us, you will want to put the customers opinion at the heart of your decision making. So tracking customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are two measurements that are important. Keeping an eye on these metrics is a great way to keep track of improvement over time or review the impact of campaign to drive better customer experience.




How Can Amazon Connect Help You In Your VOC Program?

One of the great things about Amazon Connect and the AWS ecosystem is that there are no fixed contracts. So, Route One Connect can build you a Voice of the customer solution and then once you have finished we simply turn it off. Alternatively we can leave it dormant for when you are ready to run the program again.

Additionally we think our Conversation AI platform (using Amazon Connect) can also add to the data available. We ask the customer “Welcome to Route One Connect, whats the reason for your call today?”. When the customer responds they provide can provide insight into the customer experience. For instance, the customer might speak something that identifies an area of the business that requires improvement – “This is is the 5th time i have called and i am just waiting hearing music on hold, its not good enough”.




What Is The End Goal When Deploying Amazon Connect Voice Of The Customer Solutions And Strategies?

This is simple really, we need to understand what the friction points are in the customer experience journey.


Amazon Connect Voice of the customer


How Can Route One Connect Help?

Route One Connect has vast amounts of experience delivering voice of the customer solutions and building VOC strategies. Our goal is to improve CX and create frictionless experiences throughout the business and capturing the voice of the customer is a great way to ensure ROC is delivering on their promises.


Amazon Connect Voice of the customer


Here Are Some Best Practice Examples Of Questions To Ask.

  1. Do not ask leading questions.
  2. Ensure the audience is not bias. For Example, do not just survey those that will respond with the positive feedback.
  3. Look at who you are targeting in your strategy. Age, Location, Culture are just a few variables that can dramatically change the results of your VOC program.
  4. If a customer feeds back a question or a complaint ensure that you are in a position to act.
  5. If you as a business feel you have improved the CX challenges or have addressed the main points from your survey then revisit repeat the same survey post resolution.
  6. Repeat your Voice Of The Customer strategy annually.


Amazon Connect Voice of the customer


Voice Of The Employee.

Employee experience is also a big part in delivering great customer experiences. If you have a happy employee, it is thought that they are more engaged in delivering on great customer experience and going the extra mile. So, if you are invested in Voice Of The Customer programs like survey or interviewing then why not use the same investment to check in on your employees to ensure they are on board with the brand ethics and other strategic goals?


What is the end goal when deploying VOC solutions


Is There An Alternative To Amazon Connect Voice Of The Customer Programs?

There are many companies out there that see VOC as being a time wasting exercise. Because its possible to understand CX using more modern techniques with solution such as:

  • Voice Analytics
  • Call Recording
  • Sentiment

To some degree these opinions are partially valid. Why should we ask the customer a bunch of questions when its possible to listen to the customer calls ourselves? Voice Analytics \ sentiment analysis solutions have improved with an abundance of innovative products that make it easier than ever before to get to the heart of CX challenges. Maybe it’s time to investigate other alternatives?

Click here to see a feature that AWS enabled that can be part of your VOC strategy.