Lets Connect…The Amazon Connect Self-Service Way

Lets Connect… The Amazon Connect Self-Service Way

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The Old Days

Think back to the dark ages way way back in 2016 when computers ran on gerbil wheels…  If you wanted to implement an IVR (you know, the press 1 press 2 thingy!) for your business, there was one route and one route only.

You met with some contact centre specialists.  They analysed your needs (you would think this was a given by the way, but not always!).  Then they went away and designed a physical box of tricks that was installed in a comms room and implemented company wide.  Finally, after all of this you went live with it.  Lead time, about 3-6 months…  Average cost, 100k minimum…

Fast forward to 2020 when we will soon be flying around on hover boards and making the Jetsons look like a documentary!  We are now able to implement all of this from the cloud.  Thanks, you’ve guessed it…to the wonderful people at Amazon Web Services!


Amazon Connect Self-Service


Bring Forth The New Commercial Model With Amazon Connect Self-Service!

The beauty about Amazon Connect is that rather than needing expensive kit at your workplace, Amazon have implemented all of this stuff in the cloud (using the internet to store stuff instead of your hard drive).  Say goodbye to all the costs and timelines associated with setting up a call centre.  Things like buying and building servers, configuring telephony lines, installing physical hardware, purchasing licences for the telephony switches are gone.  In short, what previously took a lot of time and money, now doesn’t!

Today we live in wonderful times where the experts’ heads are well and truly in the cloud!  Once they have the brief, the tech team have all that they need, and can get straight on with the implementation… cost and time both slashed.

At Route One Connect we pride ourselves on how, by using customisable modules and tried and tested implementation best practice, our systems can be live and super effective to your business in lighting speed.

We are also fully conversant with the very latest in advanced cloud-based contact centre technology.  Workforce optimisation, sentiment analysis, call recording, reporting, agent dashboards, CRM integration and much more.

At the end of the day, the more you know, the slicker you can become.  The slicker you become the happier your customer base ends up.  And that is how we measure success!


Amazon Connect Self-Service


If you want to know anymore about any of the services mentioned in this blog then why not book a free audit with one of our experts today.  See what the team at Route One Connect could do for you and your business, you have nothing to lose!