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Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is the most innovative, easy to use, Omnichannel Cloud Contact Centre platform available!

Over the last 3 years, AWS has grown Amazon Connect into a self-sufficient Contact Centre platform that can boast many features other leading platforms can not. Sure those other platforms can integrate with third parties to provide features like Speech Analytics, Sentiment, CRM Integration and speech recognition but Amazon Connect has this covered natively.


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Here are 3 reasons why we love it!

In March 2017 Amazon Connect was released. Many observers saying it would be massively disruptive in the contact centre market. One of the claims about it from AWS was that you could set up a new contact centre “in minutes”. A bold claim, especially given that traditionally, a contact centre from one of the big boys like Avaya or Cisco would take weeks or months to set up. However, it’s true. You can set up a (very basic) contact centre, and be taking calls, in a matter of a few minutes.



What has perhaps been more impressive since its launch though, is the pace at which AWS has continued to improve the service, and how they’ve allowed you to integrate with other complementary AWS services. Fancy being able to send your caller a text message while they are in the queue? Sure, no problem! How about transcribing your call recordings, then running sentiment analysis over them to see how happy your callers sound? No problem, integrate with AWS services “Transcribe” and “Comprehend”.


All very impressive then, but what are 3 big reasons we at ROC love Amazon Connect?


Pay As You Go

We often talk to small, ambitious and growing companies about their contact strategy. They might forecast massive peaks in demand around Christmas, or because of Brexit. Managing your contact centre around those events is no problem with Connect because the pay-per-use cost model allows you to flex up to cope with demand, then flex back down without having committed to extra annual license costs.


Elasticity – Scales Up And Down Automatically

Amazon Connect would be a great choice for a company that has only a couple of advisors. But some of the biggest contact centres in the world use it too! So that scalability is great news for those ambitious, growing companies who have two advisors today, but might have two hundred by next year – Connect will grow with you.


Amazon Connect Innovation

The power to innovate. We’ve been around contact centres for a while now, and it always used to be that making any significant changes, let alone anything innovative, was a massive piece of work. You might need to involve other vendors to start with, then maybe get your virtualisation team to build new servers. Then it might be weeks down the line before putting anything into production. With AWS and Amazon Connect, the power to integrate other services (like Transcribe and Comprehend mentioned earlier) is at your fingertips. So we can work with you to help you try things that would previously have only been available to the very biggest and deep-pocketed contact centres!


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