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First up in our Amazon Lex Blog Lets Ask the Obvious. What Is Amazon Lex?

Amazon Lex is an AWS service that has some pretty cool features. First and Foremost, Amazon Lex is a chat bot and voice bot engine. However, when connecting Amazon Lex to Amazon Connect you enable Speech Recognition. So, when a customer phones up and dials into Amazon Connect, you can ask the caller “Welcome to Route One Connect, How can I help you today?”. But Amazon Lex has many more features. For Instance:

  • Web hooks
  • Fulfilment
  • Validation


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Amazon Lex Fulfilment

This is a particularly useful mechanism to manipulate the results returned to Amazon Connect. Additionally, Fulfilment can be used to integrate with CRM or any other webservice.


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When Amazon Lex receives input either by chat or voice, the Amazon Lex developer has the ability to implement rules to accept, reject and manipulate what has been recognised which is a critical when attempting to maximise recognition performance.


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