Beginners Guide to Conversational AI

Here is a Beginners Guide To Conversational AI.

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What Is Conversational AI?

In the context of this article, when we discuss Conversational AI, we mean the Contact Centre technology that asks the caller an open question like “Welcome To route One Connect, How can I help you today”

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Beginners Guide To Conversational AI – Top Tip 1, Technology Vendor

The technology used is important and will dictate the speed of execution and the ability to make improvements. At Route One Connect we would implement and lean on the AWS eco system and deliver an Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly solution. The reason we would do that is because AWS would facilitate a quick deployment with no upfront costs, no commitments, no infrastructure required and a whole host of features that are key in deploying an amazing Conversational AI project.

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Top Tip 2, Voice Design

Conversational AI Design is so important. Truthfully, Conversational AI or a voice bot requires a careful design which is why no one should jump into a project like this without due care. Fundamental parts to a design are as follows:

User Stories

A deep understanding of how callers will engage with the bot. For Instance:

  • What elements (or slots) to conversation do you want to capture?
  • How will the caller speak it?

Did you know, the words used in your voice bot and the way in which the words are spoken have a massive effect on performance. Get the performance wrong and you will cause chaos downstream.


This is key! It’s also a pain to maintain but without the documentation locking in the configuration of the bot you are simply lost!


Often overlooked but is a great way to push your brand image or sonic voice. Additionally, if the tone of your Conversational AI system is correct you can get more out of the caller simply by setting the tone.



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Beginners Guide To Conversational AI – Top Tip 3, Speech Science

Previously Speech Science has been a dark art. Speech science it the task of analysing speech data and presenting speech models that allow the recogniser to understand what the caller has voiced. Typically, a speech scientist has a great understanding of the recogniser. Additionally, they also have a deep understanding of linguistics and also cognitive behaviours. Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex have dramatically simplified the ability to conduct speech science on a conversational AI voice bot – which is why Route One Connect is an advocate of the AWS Contact Centre Platform.


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Beginners Guide To Conversational AI – Top Tip 4, Transcript the Audio

The remarkable thing with Amazon Lex is that it transcribes in real time what the caller has said in the conversational AI bot. Mega useful!

As an Amazon Connect developer you must present this transcribed data to the agent. If the voice bot didn’t match the utterances to an intent, then the agent can still use the information to improve the customer experience. For instance: “Hey Ben, I understand you are calling to update your meter reading”


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