Conversational AI with Amazon Lex

In this post we look at Conversational AI with Amazon Lex. man pointing at amazon lex at great customer experience customer Experience

What Is Conversational AI with Amazon Lex?

What is Conversational AI

Firstly, Conversational AI or CAI as we call it, is a voice input state that asks the caller why they are calling.

What is Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is a service for building Conversational AI interfaces.


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Conversational AI With Amazon Lex, What Are The Benefits?

Free Form Menu

Enabling Conversational AI allows the caller to provide the exact reason why they are calling into the Contact Centre. Never before has this product been available with such ease of implementation and low set up costs.

Legacy platforms typically offered fixed menus. Consequently, there was a dependency for the options to be correct otherwise the customer was left confused and would often transfer to the wrong team. As a result, CX was poor and internal transfers were high.


AWSome MI Data

Having access to the exact reason why customers are calling is unbelievably valuable data. You can:

  • Quantify how big a particular intent is. For instance: Intent “PayBalance”  27%
  • Identify areas of automation. For instance, if 27% of callers were routed through to an agent to pay an outstanding balance then there is an opportunity to automate this function and reduce the number of calls routing through to the Contact Centre. This also increases customer experience and reduces Contact Centre costs.
  • Identify product or service failures. For Instance, you might find a high percentage of calls might be phoning in about a failure of a service (like my broadband has gone down). This information can be used to support a service upgrade to improve the products stability.



Personalised experiences are better using Conversational AI. For Instance,

<SYSTEM> “Welcome to Route One Connect, Is that Ben?”

<Ben>          “Yes”

<SYSTEM> “Hey Ben, what’s the reason for your call today?”

<Ben>          “I’d like to pay the outstanding amount on my account”

<SYSTEM> “That’s great….”

The customer experience here is much better than if the system was configured with multiple static menu mazes.


Increase Customer experience.

Conversational AI interfaces are an easy, frictionless feature to get a customer where they want to be. As a result, enabling CAI increases customer satisfaction.


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How Much Does Conversational AI Cost In An Amazon Connect Deployment?

The run time cost of this user experience is simple. To clarify, you only pay when you use the services. To understand the total cost of ownership of an Amazon Connect solution click the following link.


In conclusion, Conversational AI will be a feature that will explode going forwards. Historically a feature only available for the deepest of pockets we can now implement for a fraction of the cost. Finally, implemented correctly this is an extremely powerful tool in achieving great customer experiences.