Coronavirus – Amazon Connect can help fight against the coronavirus


The coronavirus is spreading at an exceptional pace which requires all types of  businesses to think out of the box and adapt quicker than ever before.coronavirus


Route One Connect Can Help

We at Route One Connect have the facilities to help you as a business provide proactive notifications via SMS. We have a recording studio to get professional recorded prompts and we can set up inbound routing within 10 minutes meaning your workforce can work from home.

If you are a business who has physical handsets then you will not be prepared if the government enforce self isolation or travel bans. You may find that your staffing levels drop significantly… How will this affect your business?

Amazon Connect

AWS works over the internet meaning if your staff are forced to stay at home for any reason then its possible with Amazon Connect and ROC to still keep your business connected by enabling your workforce to work remotely. 

Additionally we can set up bespoke messaging that provides informative prompting to callers to address common questions or even set up proactive SMS notifications to prevent call volumes spiking and reaching capacity.

With AWS you do not need to worry about maximum capacity or buying new licenses to cater for the additional demand brought on by the coronavirus as AWS connect will scale up and down again automatically

Examples of how we can help


We can provide a dedicated inbound line providing information about how the virus affects the school or even provide closure information, we can send sms updates on school closure and procedures to follow if you think you might have the virus


Providing SMS updates for delay flights, help lines for airport closures etc.

Doctors surgeries

Inbound lines to provide information about the virus, ways to get better, ways to prevent the spread ( wash hands) , perhaps survey the customer before book an appointment to ensure they are not showing symptoms or sending SMS out to customers warning them not to come in if they show symptoms.


Your biggest issue is the huge amount of staff you have, they might not be able to make it in either because they are ill, self isolation or maybe because the government is enforcing a travel ban. ROC can set up an emergency CC and provide emergency headset allowing workforce to work from home.

Route One Connects Advice

Our advice to any Contact Centre in the UK is to start preparations now by doing the following:


You can do this by supplying headsets to each of your staff to take home;

Broadband Limits for home workers

If you are asking your staff to work from home you must ensure that the broadband provider doesn’t have any download or upload limits. These limits will be reached quickly causing your staff member to go off line.

Provide a list of Voice Prompts

Send ROC a list of all prompting that needs to be recorded


Contact ROC

Engage ROC immediately to arrange a consultation around configuring a Contact Centre that allows for remote working. Then send ROC a list of all the agents that need to be set up.

ROC has prebuilt a Coronavirus telephony template

We can provide the following template for each of your telephony lines or departments..

  • Inbound number (DDI) for each department. All you need to do is transfer your call to this number instead of routing to your agents.
  • The template is configured to play 1 or more coronavirus Deflection Message. This allows you as a business to get any relevant messages out to your customers.
  • Route the caller to skill
  • Provide agent setup for each of the customer service advisers (list to be provided by customer)
  • Call and Agent Reporting to show volume, duration, Agent utilization

Please get in touch as soon as possible by clicking the following link. For all other Coronavirus health matters please go the NHS website here.