How to Start Your Amazon Connect Journey!

If you are reading this blog you will probably be about to start your Amazon Connect Journey. Welcome, if you are like us, your mind is about to be blown away by how easy this is. And no doubt you are starting your Amazon Connect Journey for one of the following reasons:

  • You need to set up a Contact Centre quickly.
  • You want to reduce the cost per contact.
  • Maybe you require complex solutions such as PCI, Speech analytics, or call recording
  • Or maybe you are obsessed with CX and cant wait to get transform your technology stack to the cloud!

Whatever your reason, you should be about to experience something that will make you feel like you are jumping into the future of Contact Centre technology.


Amazon Connect Journey


Step 1 To Start Your Amazon Connect Journey

First, open Internet Explorer and navigate to the following URL:  AWS Free Account Setup

Step 2 – Amazon Management Console

Once you have set up an account you will need to go to the Amazon Management Console. Then Navigate to the Amazon Connect link which will take you to the Amazon Connect Dashboard.

Amazon Connect Dashboard


Step 3 – Amazon Connect Dashboard

From the picture Above you can see there are clear steps to follow.

  1.  Explore Channels Of Communication
  2. Set Opening Hours
  3. Create Queues
  4. Create Prompts
  5. Then… Create Contact Flows
  6. Create Routing Profiles
  7. Configure Users


Step 4 – Complete The Configuration As Requested By The Amazon Connect Dashboard.

Explore Channels Of Communication

To Get you Started, select Voice and assign a new number – This should happen almost immediately.

Set Opening Hours

Set Name, Time Zone, and then your Opening Hours. There should be a “Basic” opening hours set for you by default.

Create a Queue

Set Name, Description, the opening hours that you set above, and leave the rest default.

Create Prompts

This is optional as you may wish to use Amazon Polly to provide Text to Speech.

Create Contact Flows

To start, keep it simple and work your way up to more complex Contact Flows.

Routing Profile

There should be a default Routing Profile. You may need to edit this.


That’s It, Your Amazon Connect Journey Is Up And Running! It Is That Simple!


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