What Are The Benefits Of An Amazon Connect ID&V Solution

ID&V Solutions have been around for as long as we can remember. So lets take a look at why you should deploy an ID&V solution as part of your customer service strategy.


Amazon Connect ID&V Solution


Increase Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) With Our ID&V Solution.

Customer Satisfaction is achieved by quick and efficient service. By automating the ID&V process you can more efficiently identify the caller routing them to the correct team.


Amazon Connect CSAT by enabling ID&V Solution


Improve Employee Satisfaction (ESAT)

If your Contact Centre has IDV enabled, then the employee satisfaction will be significantly better. Think about it, you are a Contact Centre advisor taking 200+ calls a day. Image having to ask the same questions over and over again…

Please tell me your account number?

And your date of birth?

Finally, what’s your postcode?

This can be soul destroying and studies show that where an ID&V solution is deployed agent churn is lower and the moral of the Contact Centre is higher.


Improve Amazon Connect ESAT With Our ID&V Soltion


Reduce Average Handling Time

Depending on the nature of your business you may need to ask several questions when going through ID&V. In the example above we ask for Account number, DOB and poscode. However you may also need to ask for mothers maiden name, first line of address or digits to a pin password. Buy automating this you significantly reduce the average handling time and by doing so your increase CX, EX and cost per contact.


Amazon Connect AHT


Cost Per Contact

If an agents time is reduced through automation then the cost per contact is reduced. if the contact centre takes millions of calls this can be a huge cost saving to the business. So not only will the system increase the customer experience there is a cost saving too.


ID&V Solution reduces cost per contact

Fraud Detection With Our ID&V Solution

More modern IVR systems like Amazon Connect have voice biometrics available as part of its own product. Gone of the days where you need to bring in expensive third party software to authenticate a voice print. Now you simply enable the feature within Amazon connect and off you go. By enabling voice biometrics you can add an extra layer of security where you match the callers voice print to what is stored on record thus lowering fraud.


Amazon Connect Fraud Detection


Increase First Call Resolution

By automating ID&V the telephony system knows who you are, what products and services you are aligned to. With this data we can ensure your call is transferred to the correct teams – reducing internal transfers.


Amazon Connect Fraud Detection


Why You Should Consider Amazon Connect For Your ID&V Solution.

Well, historically if you wanted an ID&V solution you would need to purchase an IVR to go with your telephony system. Additionally you would also need to buy speech recognition licenses that are know for being very expensive. Also, this legacy kit used to be physical infrastructure meaning you had to add the hardware to the customers network, have space to host all the servers etc. this was a big deal and typically required the customer to pay huge sums of money and gamble on the solution being a success.

With Amazon Connect you simply follow the 10 minute process and that’s it… you have an IVR available to you. Amazing right? Well, with it being so easy to start up it means as a customer you can run proof of concepts, short trials and realise the benefits yourself. AWS don’t even tie you into a contract, therefore if you don’t like the results (unlikely) you can just turn it off.


Click here to read more about how Route One Connect and our ID&V Solution can help you.


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