ROC Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent Call Routing

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference, right?  That can be true for customer experience too.  Some small positive differentiators can help make your customers’ journey a more frictionless experience, and Intelligent Call Routing can assist with exactly that.motherboard with highlighted intelligent call routing

Our ROC Intelligent Call Routing can add some of those little touches to your contact centre routing, which will stand out from the crowd.  We do this by acting upon small pieces of information that we know about a caller.

When someone calls you, we can do a “data dip” as soon as they are dial-in.  If we know their phone number, or if they’ve verified their identity, perhaps with an account number, we can use it to look up any information we know about them from previous transactions.

We can use the data to personalise the interaction, something like:

“Thanks for calling Company X!  Is that Ben?”

Ben: “Yes…”

“Hi Ben.  I can see you recently bought a new laptop from us.  Are you calling to activate the warranty?”

Ben: “Yes!”

“Great, I’ll put you through to the correct team who can help you with that.”

You could even provide them with tailored messaging while they queue for an advisor – sell Ben the benefits of that extended warranty for his laptop!


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Value Your Callers

Relatively minor touches, but it shows the caller that we know them and value them, and that we want to try our best to help them get what they want, the first time.


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Intelligent Call Routing Plus Conversational AI…

Using both of these products together will enable personalised customer experiences, alongside automation of lower complexity transactions.  You can provide a great customer journey, and lower average handle times simultaneously.

Get in touch with us, and one of the team can help you explore the possibilities of Intelligent Call Routing.

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