ROC Reporting

At Route One Connect we believe that high performance is only achieved by continually reviewing data and making improvements.

Unfortunately, no call routing technology (Avaya, Cisco or Genesys) in any of our experience has ever been able to provide the reporting information ‘out of the box’ required to meet the requirements of ROC Reporting.

We at ROC have developed our own reporting suite that is very granular and can report on every part of the call flow from call duration, call flow performance right down to the detail of every single module in the call routing solution.

Not only that but we have developed ROC Reporting that learns how the system performs using machine learning and data mining techniques (ML) and flags when something is not performing as expected. The same metrics are matched against industry standards that notify our team of areas to be improved.

If your system has none or very basic reporting please get in touch and we can explain what reporting is required.

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