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Conversational AI – What Is It?

AI is quite the buzzword at the moment. It seems like everyone is boasting that their service is boosted by AI, or saying that AI man talking to Conversational AI voicebotwill take over from humans. But what do we at Route One Connect mean when we talk about Conversational AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Broadly speaking, that means having a computer undertake tasks that would normally require human intervention. Things like recognising speech, and making decisions.

Those two things are particularly important in our context. Our Conversational AI replaces or complements a traditional IVR menu. It recognises what the caller is saying. And it makes decisions based on what they say. It allows us to automate certain transactions, and personalise the customer experience.


confusion around what conversational ai is


Greet And Personalise.

If we are dealing with a caller that we’ve spoken to before, we can start to personalise their experience. Greeting them with “Hi Ben, welcome back to Route One Connect!” is a little more personable than “Welcome to Route One Connect.”

There might be a recent event that is a trigger for someone to call. We can ask if that’s why they are calling, giving them a pleasant surprise that we are geared up to help them.


the conversational ai voice bot greeting customer with a personalised message


Conversational AI – Cut To The Chase.

Rather than navigating many layers of different menu options, a caller can just tell us what they want. “I want to check my mortgage account balance”. There, that was easy, wasn’t it? Certainly easier than listening to all the options, then pressing option 6 for mortgages, then option 2 for checking your balance.

And why stop at just the initial call steering? If we can hook Conversational AI into your back-end systems, we can help the caller to complete entire transactions without talking to an adviser.

Let’s look back at the mortgage balance enquiry. When we use Conversational AI in conjunction with our Identification and Verification, the caller can prove who they are and then be told their balance, all within a few moments.


a voice call into the contact centre


Talk To Us About Conversational AI!

If you’re interested in this technology and how it could be used in your business, contact us. One of our experts would be happy to talk it through and help you start your AI journey…


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