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Sentiment analysis - positive or negative?What Is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis – what is it and why should you be interested in using it in your contact centre?  In a nutshell, it’s the process of using a computer to “read” and analyse text, and detect the underlying feeling or sentiment within it.

Generally speaking, Sentiment Analysis will tell you whether the text expresses a positive, negative or neutral opinion.  It can also be used to pick out keywords, whether they are names, brands, or events.

Here at Route One Connect, we are big fans of Amazon Web Services.  Their sentiment offering is called AWS Comprehend.

We’ve used Comprehend in the past to pick out themes in emails.  By using example data to train a categorisation model, we can then use the model to categorise subsequent emails that arrive.  That could be useful, for example, to separate service desk emails into different queues based on problem type.


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What about using Sentiment Analysis in the contact centre?

But if that’s all to do with text, how does Sentiment Analysis help in a voice-based conversation like a phone call?

In many cases (and definitely if you’re using Route One Connect’s Contact Centre service!) as a contact centre stakeholder, you’ll have access to your call recordings.  If we can access those recordings, we need another step in the process before being able to analyse them.  That is for us at ROC to transcribe your call recordings – turning the sound into text.

Once we have individual text files for each of your call recordings, we can feed them into the Sentiment Analysis service.  And the output we get can become pretty valuable to you…


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What benefits can Sentiment Analysis provide?

Imagine if you could identify trends within your calls without relying on agent feedback.  Or without having to listen to a huge volume of calls.  Sentiment Analysis could help you achieve that.

Or maybe you’d like to proactively identify calls where the caller expressed a negative sentiment.  Then you could follow up with the caller and resolve any issues which might affect customer retention.  That is also possible using the service.


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If any of this sounds of interest to you and your business, get in touch with one of the experts here at Route One Connect.  We can help you realise the business benefits within your contact centre.

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