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What Is Voice Biometrics?

Voice Biometrics is the practice of using a caller’s voice print as a means of identification.  It analyses the unique characteristics of a person’s voice, so there’s less need for passwords and PINs.  (Check out our more traditional Identification and Verification offering…)

When enrolling on voice bio, a caller is asked to register their voice print.  The caller repeats a passphrase – perhaps “my voice is my password” – multiple times.  The organisation stores the voice print, and matches subsequent ID attempts against it.

Many massive public and private sector organisations have been adopting the technology because of the potential for better security.  HMRC, and HSBC are just two high-profile users of the tech.  Voice Biometrics lends itself well to that kind of organisation.  They need robust security measures due to the nature of their calls.


Amazon Connect and voice biometrics


Doesn’t it cost a fortune though?

Traditionally, price is a big consideration!  Until recently, only companies with the biggest budgets were likely to consider implementing voice bio.

The implementation costs would typically include a large up-front investment.  This made it a daunting prospect for smaller businesses.  However, more providers are moving towards a pay-as-you-use model.

Route One Connect can help you to evaluate the service with a much lower barrier to entry.  We can help to reduce those initial costs because we deploy in the cloud, and use carefully selected providers who bill by usage.


Voice Biomtrics is now affordable


Considering Voice Biometrics?

If you think your business might be able to benefit from the latest Voice Biometrics technology, get in touch!  One of our experts can give you a demo.


Are you considering Voice Biomtrics


Click here to see our latest blog about Voice Biometrics and our partnership with Aculab.

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