Protect Vulnerable Customers With Amazon Connect

In previous blogs we discuss the concept of profiling the customer based on what we know about them. So in this blog we explore how can we use this concept to protect vulnerable customers with Amazon Connect.


Who Are Vulnerable Customers

A vulnerable customer is someone who is in need of special care, support, or protection because of age, disability, or risk of abuse or neglect. Further examples of a vulnerable customer maybe an individual would suffers mental health.


Protect Vulnerable Customers With Amazon Connect


How To Identify Vulnerable Customers

Historically there would of been a reliance on Contact Centre staff picking up on the vulnerability. Training would be essential to ensure this skill is effective.


train staff for Vulnerable Customers


Why Is Supporting Vulnerable Customers Important?

First of all, morally its the right way to behave. Second, there can be serious repercussion to the vulnerable customer if not handled correctly.


Amazon Connect


How Can Amazon Connect Protect Vulnerable Customers?

Speech Analytics

Amazon Connect has its own speech analytics platform called Amazon Connect Contact Lens. Add conditions to alert the supervisor should any specific trigger phrases be mentioned.

Amazon Connect Contact Lens for Vulnerable Customers


Amazon Connect



In your CRM system add a ‘Vulnerable Customer’ field in the customer data set and allow for the advisor to update the value during a customer engagement.


Amazon Connect CRM field for Vulnerable Customers


Protect Vulnerable Customers With Amazon Connect And Special Routing

Design your contact flows to handle a customer in a specific way if the ‘vulnerable customer’ value in CRM value is true. On the other hand, business logic could look at age and make different decisions.


enable Amazon Connect special routing for Vulnerable Customers


Personalised Engagement

Finally, design your inbound system to be sympathetic to a vulnerable caller. To clarify, enable ID&V, once the caller has been verified, check for special conditions like age or disability and route the call to a dedicated team of agents who are trained.