reInvent Amazon Connect Updates of 2020

2020 has been a very disappointing year, however the AWS re:Invent did not disappoint with some brilliant new features to be added to Amazon Connect. Here we explore the reInvent Amazon Connect updates of 2020.reInvent Amazon Connect updates

What Is AWS re:Invent?

AWS re:Invent is normally a huge event hosted in Las Vegas. But this year due to Covid 19 AWS hosted the event online.

What are re:Invent Amazon Connect Updates?

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles is an enhancement to CCP that provides the agent with rich screen pop data. It’s possible to also connect to third party platforms to provide a single view for the customer.

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles

Real-time analytics using Contact Lens

Contact Lens is a Machine Learning feature of Amazon Connect providing sentiment, speech analytics and call transcription.

The announcement that came from AWS re:Invent is that this feature is now available REAL TIME!

Amazon Connect Voice ID

Voice ID is voice biometrics for Amazon Connect. Route One Connect have offered Voice Biometrics from the start however the update this week is that voice biometrics will be available as part of Amazon Connect.

The benefit of this feature is that it is possible to match the voice print during the call without specifically asking the customer to say something like “My Voice is my password”.

Amazon Connect Wisdom

Like Amazon Connect Customer profiles, Amazon Connect Wisdom works with CCP to provide information to the agent regarding any queries they have. The feature integrates with FAQ, Wiki and other data sources to help the agent answer queries.

Amazon Connect Wisdom

Amazon Connect with Apple Business Chat

This feature allows Amazon Connect to integrate with Apple Business Chat to provide customer support to Apple device users directly in the Messages app.



To conclude, the updates so far have been pretty mind blowing. Similarly, at Route One Connect we can leverage these new features to decrease fraud, lower average handling time and provide a much better customer experience. On the other hand, the event is not over, we can’t wait to hear more information on the above features in the coming weeks.