Amazon Connect Digital Transformation

When reviewing the roadmap for an Amazon Connect digital transformation project you need to establish a plan or strategy intended to achieve a particular goal. mans finger pointing at a Roadmap For Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is much more than enabling new technology. Because it involves deep consideration of process, culture, Customer Experience to power new products and services. Most importantly, it requires all parts of the business to engage and contribute to the deployment of the new digital services.


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Roadmap For Digital Transformation – Technology

The types of technology used in a digital transformation roadmap could include Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data analytics, network security and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and blockchain.


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When considering strategy we at Route One Connect have found that breaking the project up into smaller parts is a great way to meet target milestones. Additionally, engage key areas of the business right from the beginning. Parts of the business who can positively contribute to the project are as follows:

  • Chief Technology Officer (ensure technology stack and best practice is deployed)
  • Chief People Officer (wellbeing considerations around change and culture adoption)
  • HR (Training)
  • Change Team (ensure governance is adhered to)
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Network Team
  • Support
  • Contact Centre Leadership (to encourage and incentivise success)
  • Contact Centre Advisors
  • Program Management


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Training And Mentoring

Many parts of the business will see change as a result of this type of project. As Such, the business must provide training or even mentoring to encourage adoption of new practices.


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People (culture, process, skills, and organizational change)

This is a major factor in any Digital Transformation project. Typically this needs to be driven from the top down and embedded into processes and culture. This often is the most challenging part as change is often rejected and frowned upon.


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What Does Success Look Like?

Before a project has started it is important to understand what success look like. Each digital transformation project is unique and typically the success criterial will be based on the objective of the project. For Instance, the business may need to improve customer experience or maybe the project is based off legacy technology coming end of life. The success criteria for these examples are vastly different.

Customer Experience

Firstly, Customer Experience is a key differentiator in any modern business. Particularly important when there are so many outlets for customers to vent negative feed back. For instance, platforms maybe Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Trust pilot; the list is endless.

Secondly, a measure of how well a business is performing from a CX perspective is to look at CSAT and Net Promoter Score (NPS). The business could also carry out a voice of the customer campaign before the project starts or you could even look at the feedback seen on sites like trustpilot.

Legacy Technology

In the last 3-5 years technology has moved on considerably. Additionally the commercial structure of technology has gone from Capex\Opex to Pay As You Consume (with no fixed contracts).


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Common Reasons why a Digital Transformation project fails

  • Not sharing Information
  • Upgrading from legacy systems into more modern technology without expert guidance
  • Insufficient training for employees
  • IT resources – Insufficient in-house talent
  • Lack of executive buy-in


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Great Tools to help you succeed in an Amazon Connect Digital Transformation project

Using knowledge bases to keep teams up to date is a great tool such platforms include Confluence. Additionally, adopting an Agile framework allows for all parts of the business to track the progress of the project to ensure the delivery is on time and of high quality.


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