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First up in our Amazon Lex Q&A – What Is Amazon Lex?

Amazon Lex is a Contact Centre service by AWS. Amazon Lex has 2 major pieces of functionality that are powered by artificial intelligence:

  1. Firstly, provides speech recognition for inbound telephony calls.
  2. Secondly, bot technology for Voice and chat.

Additionally, within Amazon Lex there are supporting features that are also impressive. They are:

  1. Fulfilment
  2. Result validation
  3. Slot detail
  4. Voice transcription
  5. Sentiment
  6. Intent NBEST
  7. Intent Confidence Scoring


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What Languages Are Supported By Amazon Lex?

Here are a list of languages that are supported by Amazon Lex.

List Of Supported Amazon Lex Languages


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How Do You Improve The Performance Of Lex?

This is quite a complex task and using an experienced Amazon Lex team will yield a huge return in terms of performance, customer experience, deflection and so much more. Key mechanisms to improve the performance of Amazon Lex are as follows:

  1. Journey map the engagements you wish to automate.
  2. Structure your Intents and Slots carefully.
  3. List as many valid sample utterances as possible.
  4. Ensure the sample utterances do not clash from one intent to the next.
  5. Document and maintain the Amazon Lex bot.
  6. Test. Carry out internal testing cycles first and then bring in customer test if possible.
  7. Lastly, carry out tuning daily or weekly when the solution is first deployed. After that every couple of months will be sufficient for more established voice or chat bot.


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