Use Your Amazon Connect Hold Time Better

This blog is about using your hold time better to drive up (CX) Customer Experience, EX (Employee Experience) and Reduce CPC (Cost Per Contact) with Amazon Connect.

What Is Amazon Connect Hold Time?

Hold Time is the time a customer waits when they make a call into a Contact Centre, the advisor is not available and the caller is forced to listen to wait (typically hearing music) until someone is available.

Hold Time listening to Music is a frustration often aired by customers and is a metric that should be monitored by Contact Centre Managers. The high hold time is considered poor CX. However, it can be challenging for Contact Centres to improve wait time because it might be that something has happened that affects many customers in one go, causing large call volumes. For Instance: if the vendor website goes down callers may be forced to phone in. Maybe a power cut has occurred in a village causing an influx of urgent calls.


Amazon Connect Hold Time


What If You Could Use The Amazon Connect Hold Time Better?

Some telephony platforms (mostly legacy) can’t do much other than wait for an advisor to become available. With Amazon Connect you can do more! Whilst on hold you could use some of the features to provide dynamic content that might assist the customer. Such services are all contained within the AWS ecosystem and are as follows:

  • Amazon Lex
  • Amazon Polly
  • Lambda
  • Dynamo DB


Amazon Connect Hold Time


What Are The Benefits of Managing Hold Time Better

  • Improve Containment
  • Better CX
  • Reduce AHT
  • Improve EX
  • Increase Self-Service Functionality
  • Reduce Cost Per Contact
  • Reduce the number of calls into the Contact Centre


Amazon Connect Hold Time


What Things Can You Do With The Customer When The Customer Is On Hold In Amazon Connect?


Identifying and Verifying the caller is a great place to start. The reason for this is you also have the opportunity to find out who the caller is and then offer a personalised journey. But further benefits to ID&V are as follows:

  • Pop the data to the adviser
    • This improves the employee experience as it saves the Advisor from having to ask the same questions over and over.
    • Reduces AHT, identifying the caller in Amazon Connect means the Advisor
  • Personalise the customer experience journey.
  • Priority Routing. Route the caller to the correct Advisor based on the type.


Call Deflection

Use Amazon Polly to keep the customer updated. For Instance, if you are a utility company and there is an outage in certain areas – why not announce back to the caller that you are aware and provide information that would satisfy their reason for calling.


Open Call Steering

Ask the caller “What is the reason for your call”. This is an awesome thing to ask a caller as it allows us to:

  • Screen Pop the information to the Advisor.
  • Route the caller to the correct team.
  • Put an entry in the CRM system saving the advisor time.
  • run sentiment analysis.


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