What Is Amazon Connect?

What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is an omnichannel cloud Contact Centre by AWS. Providing superior customer service across voice and chat at a lower cost than traditional contact centre systems.


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What Is Amazon Connect – Let’s Look At The Benefits

Amazon Connect is the latest Contact Centre platform to join the community. As you would Expect, with any new platform a bunch of new features are here to address legacy issues we have all become familiar with. Here are some of our favourite features…

  • Contact Centre can be built in 10 minutes
  • Pay As You Go
  • No Licenses
  • Scales up and down automatically
  • Contact Lens
  • Sentiment


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How Creditable Is the Technology?

Well this is the great thing, AWS built it for themselves first. That’s right, AWS, a top three company in the world based on market capitalisation uses Amazon Connect. That’s an incredible case study when thinking about credibility. If you are small, medium or large, Amazon Connect must be a safe pair of hands if a company the size of AWS use it for themselves.


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How Easy Is It To Set Up?

The simple answer is – VERY EASY. In fact, I would say it is the easiest way to set up a contact centre out of all the vendors out there.

The process takes less than 10 minutes and you can have a basic Contact Centre ready taking calls.

Her is the process:

  1. Go to https://aws.amazon.com/console/ and create an account.
  2. Log into the console and navigate to Amazon Connect.
  3. Select dashboard
  4. Assign a phone number (all the number are ready for you – you just select one)
  5. Set hours of operation
  6. Create a queue
  7. Add your prompts (Welcome To Route One Connect)
  8. Create a contact flow or use one of the templates
  9. Set up a Routing Profile
  10. Configure a user


Then log into CCP, and call the number you configures in step 4. Easy as that!


Amazon Connect


Route One Connect – What Is Amazon Connect – Summery

At Route One Connect our primary focus is to deliver exceptional customer experience and service. When reviewing what Contact Centre technology to use for our business we had a number of challenges. We wanted something that was really straight forward to use and had very few barriers to get going. Barriers such as huge initial investment on a capex or opex model, or technology that was going to tie us into long contracts that prevented us from being dynamic. Additionally we didn’t want to have to have multiple third parties for speech recognition or speech analytics. Finally, we wanted something that would flex up as we grew as a business without the need to go and purchase more licenses.


We think that the customers we serve want exactly the same thing. Are we right? If so, we have have a lot of experience working with traditional vendors such as Avaya, Cisco, Genesys but we believe Amazon Connect is completely different. We believe it is the future technology of Contact Centre!


For more information on how Route One Connect can assist you in your project, click here.


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