Why Customers Migrate To Amazon Connect

In this Blog we are going to explore why would customers migrate to Amazon Connect.


End Of Life Infrastructure

There has been a huge shift in Contact Centre Technology. Legacy platforms have dated quickly and if the platform is end of life you will be facing huge license, infrastructure and training costs to upgrade. However many legacy platforms and vendors are still catching up with modern Contact Centre Technology such as Amazon Connect and Google platforms.


Migrate To Amazon Connect


Migrate To Amazon Connect – Complex Integrations Are A Thing Of The Past

Integrating with Call Recorders, CRM platforms, Screen Pops has always been extremely difficult in the past. However with Amazon Connect this now becomes so much easier. For Instance: Historically if you wanted to record Contact Centre calls you would have had no choice but to integrate with third party software such as Verint. The configuration is complex and you need infrastructure, training and support agreement. With Amazon Connect you simply check the check box for “call recording” and all recordings are sent to a default location in S3, encripted and on serverless infrastructure – its as simple as that!


Migrate To Amazon Connect


Consolidate Technology Stack By Migrating To Amazon Connect

As stated above, with legacy platforms you would need:

  • Verint For Call Recording
  • Nuance for speech recognition
  • Nuance for Text To Speech
  • Third Parky monitoring software like Solar Winds or Prognosis.
  • Verint for WFO (Workforce Optimisation
  • Middleware to integrate to CRM and third part platforms.
  • Microsoft for DB

With AWS most of these are all provided in the AWS eco system. And Furthermore, easily enabled too without complex integrations.


Migrate To Amazon Connect


Change In Customer Expectations

Customer Experience (CX) is big deal. CX differentiates you from the rest of the competitors. As such, some companies really go to town on investing in CS and benefit. However where companies do a great job it really put the others to shame and customers can really feel the difference. The other challenge now is that consumers have the ability to Tweet, write facebook, TikTok and reach a large audience quickly. Getting CX wrong could cost you as a business on a grand scale.




Drive To Digital Transformation

To achieve great CX and EX Contact Centres typically need to modernise the technology and that is often driven by a large Digital Transformation project. Amazon Connect offers an omni channel experience that can be deployed very quickly allowing for fast ROI.




Reduce Cost

There are many ways in which you can achieve cost savings – not just on the upfront cost to complete the project. You can also reduce costs by implementing the solution in a timely manner which is of course a a huge selling point of Amazon Connect. Route One Connect recently worked with a customer where they needed an IVR solution to enable self service however they insisted they wanted to stay with the existing legacy platform and go down the route of upgrading it vs a refresh – a decision they went on to regret. The proposed solution was simple and could of been enabled in Amazon Connect within a week however more than 9 months of upgrades, licenses and compatibility issues this customer is still without a system. They missed out on more than 9 months of Amazon Connect Benefits. For instance:

  • Reduced AHT
  • Increase is call deflection
  • Increase in containment
  • Improved CX
  • A huge increase in employee experience




Amazon Connect enables new innovations that are not available out of the box with legacy platforms. With Sentiment analysis, Salesforce Integrations and not forgetting other services such as speech recognition, life like synthetic voice playback with Amazon Polly (otherwise known as TTS – Text To Speech), Chatbot functionality, Amazon Connect Contact Lens and a whole lot more. Not only that but te speed in which you can enable these features are mind blowing which in itself means you can enable innovation with speed.



Speed of Change

It goes without saying that speed of change is an excellent benefit when using Amazon Connect. Within a very short space of time, from as little as 10 minutes you can have a Skills based routing platform with speech recognition and inbound numbers assigned to your project – it really is a revolutionary Contact Centre platform. However perhaps spend 2 or 3 days more and you can have CRM integration, Bespoke Agent desktop, ASR, Machine learning and AI capabilities, serverless technology that doesn’t require licenses, doesn’t require upgrades – historically these are the issues that have caused no end of issues with legacy platforms.




Migrate to Amazon Connect – Improve CX and EX

Finally, It will be no surprise that we mention CX or Customer Experience is key in todays Contact Centres. With all the elements described above with regards to enabling new innovations, speed of execution and limitless capacity; we have a real opportunity to work where the boundary’s to Amazon Connect are wider. Therefore more emphasis is put on the supplier to build strategies that provide unparalleled Customer Experience.

In Addition to CX, we also have the ability to improve the Employee Experience (EX). When Route One Connect run workshops, we sit down with the advisors to see how they speak to the customers. We also note how they use the systems in front of them. We often find the Advisors are performing the same tasks over and over, saying the same messaging and performing the same tasks. By increasing Self-Service we take away monotonous tasks and dramatically increase EX by creating an environment where the advisors are only dealing with the more interesting tasks.


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