Why Route One Connect


Route One Connect – In the beginning:

Setting up a company like Route One Connect is tough but also a lot of fun. The journey to the start line is always a rewarding one, however. For me, it is the greatest honour and privilege to have a hand on the tiller of a new venture.

Route One Connect Team Planning…the devil is always in the detail!

The team at Route One Connect have been brought together with not one but three common goals.

Route One Connect

Numero Uno:

The first is an unshakeable belief that at the heart of any business the customer experience (CX), is absolutely integral to success. This has been learnt by us, the hard way but the right way. Through time spent analysing and working within both Contact Centre (CC) tech companies and in settings where the rules apply to all B2C and B2B businesses, we have honed in on what really matters when it comes to getting results.


Without proper analytics of where the pain points are for your customer as they travel through their CX with you, how can you improve?

The route to success is providing a service or a product that makes the user feel good and adds value.  In our industry, if the ‘metaphorical hug’ cannot be felt by the customer then we have not even come close to adding value.  But we know that won’t happen if you choose Route One Connect!

Diversify or Die:

The second mantra is that diversification is key.  A good friend and business mentor of mine once told me:

“Without friction, you are not moving forwards”

This truism has stuck with me in the good times and the bad. It has provided me with much solace in times which, because I am an eternal optimist, I would describe as ‘informative’ … anyone who has set up or run any business will understand this!

The Contact Centre field has been totally blown apart by the introduction over the past 2 years of the AWS model by Amazon. The co-founders of Route One realise that and with over 50 years experience in telecommunications between them dating back to 2001. These are truly exciting times for call routing platforms. We believe that we can revolutionise CX within so many businesses with our bespoke AI, IVR and speech systems and environments.

Our understanding of the pain points businesses and customers feel, matched with the solutions that we can offer are second to none within Europe…if not the world!

Out with the old…well the bad bits at least!

Thirdly, the beauty of being a new company means we have done it our way. No preconceived systems or outdated formulas servicing substandard delivery.  The merits and mistakes of our previous employers have been noted. The industry ‘standards’ that we want to see changed have been broken down. We have created our own vision of what constitutes acceptable deliverables and good working practices.  In short, the route to integrating a highly personalised and successful CX for your business has been achieved.

Route One Connect CX

The seamless link between you and your customer needs to be something you can monitor track and analyse. Without this you don’t even know where you are going wrong

So welcome to our world, the world of Route One Connect. What we can
offer your customer experience is second to none, and the best thing
is we can prove it, so enter our world and take us up on the offer of a
free business consultation with one of our team of experts and start
your journey with us today.

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